Featured Book - Twice Born

Featured Book - Twice Born

Posted on Monday January 21, 2008 at 11:30AM

The Twice Born
By Pauline Gedge

Gedge’s presentation of all things Egyptian, her story-telling power, plus all
the elements that make her an international best-selling author, are to be found
in The Twice Born.
This is a curious story of a peasant born boy who leaves his beginnings far behind. In the beginning of the novel, Huy is five years old. His Uncle Ker sponsors Huy and his schooling begins. Far from familiar surroundings Huy manages his lessons and befriends a young noble. His academic and social success is impressive and by the time he is 12 years of age, Huy has an enemy, Sennefer. Overcome by jealousy, Sennefer goes from taunting Huy to attacking him with his throwing stick. Huy is felled and appears to be dead until the priests are to begin embalming, when he regains consciousness. His awakening is considered to be reason enough for his execution, for surely he must be possessed by demons.
But instead of being demon possessed Huy has been given a gift from the
gods, that of prophecy and healing. Huy is reluctant and he speaks of being afraid, of not knowing when it (his gift) would strike. He believes it is doing things to him, changing his soul, his ka, and his shadow. He looks back at his early years and wishes he had never stopped being the son of a simple peasant. And yet his studies, fascinate him and he is invited to view the Book of Troth, both during his session in the Judgement Hall while unconscious and again by the High Priest, as he walks among them as the Twice Born.

Plain Language Reader’s Advice: The Twice Born is a unique experience,
the time and setting putting it apart from anything else.

Author: Vermilion Public Library


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